Cuties in a Car Cart

These babies. You know that being a mom is tough, but moments like this carry me through the tough times. I just love to see these kids love each other. 

Awww. I won’t tell you about the shove match that happened moments later…It was so nice while it lasted. 

Family Date Night

It was family date night!
Karl was so happy. 
The best part? Krysta gave Karl a gift certificate for Midici’s. He was kind enough to share it with us. 
We went to Midici’s again. It was lovely. 
This time we brought the kids. 
We got tree pizzas and they were all great! 
Dinner didn’t take that long. So of course we had to go out for dessert! 
So we went to Roll with It Creamery. 
Mirah and I got a chocolate heath bar ice cream with a caramel, coconut, whip cream, and sprinkle topping. 

Karl got a strawberry Mango sorbet with coconut and caramel. 

Karl and Lucas were supposed to share, but Lucas and Mirah ended sharing mine and I got none. 
Karl did try to share with me, but I just didn’t want a sorbet, I wanted chocolate custard! 
We stopped and grabbed a red box. 
We did some weed picking on our way up into the house.
Lucas was into the flower. 

We popped some core, and got comfy. 

Smurfs, The Lost Village. 
It was such a fun night. The movie wasn’t bad, and the company couldn’t be beat. 

Scera Pool for Fun

Mirah had known that there were some coupons for the Scera pool just waiting to be used, and she was so excited to go. So after begging me every day this week, we finally made it on Friday. 
Mirah in her new suit from Grandma Hite.
Going to the pool with two kids is serious business. So I had both hands full until it was time to go and the kids were too pooped and cold to go anywhere. 

I will say this: these kids love the water. Lucas doesn’t have the fear. Between swim lessons and his spider man floaty, he thinks he is invisible.

We did every attraction at least twice including both of the water slides. We did the whirl pool, not the lazy river. And we did the splash pad even though it was really cold.  

We went home and had a NAP. We were all pretty beat, and I will not do that alone again any time soon. 

Alone for the First Time in a Month

Sigh- We are alone. 🙁 With no visitors on the horizon, we were alone in our house for the first time for a while. 

In other sad news:
Coke Zero was discontinued and I am SO annoyed. It has been my drink of choice for YEARS now and I am doing everything I can to to keep myself in stock. 
They only have the new Coke Zero Sugar on the shelves, but I found a bunch in a display this week, so that was a little tender mercy. 

We made lobster Mac n Cheese for dinner with root beer floats for dessert. We used the left over lobster for the mac n cheese and the root beer grandpa Hite left in the fridge for the floats. 
The last remnants of our guests all gone. We even sent Grandma Pippy’s sun glasses home with Grandparents Hite. So really, they were all gone. 

Dental Pains

So remember how my filling fell out? 
Yeah, can you see my tooth? It was really bad, like really bad. 
The dark hole? Yeah, it was bad.
They numbed me up REALLY good, like really good. 

THEN they turned on some parks and rec. 
I was set. I was in pain, and it took 3 hours total between one hour of pre-dental work, work, and two solid hours of dental work. It was ROUGH. And, I have to go in for a new crown in two weeks, and most likely a root canal. Ugh, getting so much painful dental work. 

Lucas, Troubles in Sleep

Lucas is starting to get to the phase where he just can’t seem to stay dressed while in bed. The other morning I looked at the monitor to find him sleeping like this:
Then the other morning I woke up and found him just staring at the camera! 
Then there are some days that he just passes out no matter what I do so, who knows. 

Lobster Dinner, We Fancy

After a super long day of shopping with NO naps, it was not a huge surprise that Mirah and Lucas both passed out on our way to dinner. 
And where was dinner on our last night with Jim and Lynnelle? 
Yep. On Jim’s insistence that I needed to try good lobster, we went to this fancy fish market. 
He was excited for me to try everything. It was really so sweet of him. So, I had my first ever Oysters. Honestly, I fully expected to get sick. I full expected not to like them. But actually I really loved them. I really liked the blue points. 
Karl said that “they all tasted like the boogers of the sea.”
We also got mussels, and calamari. 

Well folks, this is what a $70 dinner looks like. 
The Lobster was just incredible! One of the best things I have ever tasted. It was pillowy and tender, and I just wish I hadn’t filled up on other things and could have just had lobster. 
This was the good news. 
The bad news? Lucas STRUGGLED waking up from his nap. He was upset and crying the whole time. IT took a really long time to get his food, and even when it came it was just too much for him to eat it. 

Once he did settle down and eat, it was much better. 

If you can believe it, we had left overs! 
The always generous Jim and Lynnelle paid for this wonderful dinner. we were and are so spoiled. A wonderful night together, love you guys! And thank you!! 

Shopping with Grandma Hite!

After his hair cut, Lucas was totally TAPPED OUT!
So he and Grandpa went to see about some rental car business, and Grandma Hite, myself, and Mirah did some shopping! 

The thing is, shopping with these ladies is a two handed job, so even with out Lucas, I was too busy to take pictures. 
A couple hours later, Grandpa and Lucas were back!
And my perfect boy was with me again. 
We did some serious shopping! And both Lucas AND Mirah as seemingly set for life.
Grandma is ALWAYS too generous. 

Hair Cut for Lucas

Monday morning we were out and about and decided to get this little boy a hair cut. He looked so cute. His hair was looking a little unkempt. We just happened upon a Cookie Cutters and had a little bit of time to kill. 
Cookie Cutters is a Salon for little kids. The seats are cars. 

And there are TV’s for the kids to watch. 

The hair cutting capes were special for kids too! 

Lucas clasped his little car and was so stoked about his current situation. 

But even a highly entertained 2 year old has his limits. 

Once he was done, he jumped up on one of the other seats. 
Hello handsome! 

We’ll see how long this lasts.