The Adventure Begins


I am Allie, and with my awesome husband Karl we are the Hites of Provo. We just moved here, and so far so good. We spent the first couple of years of our marriage in Rexburg, Idaho, another Mormon college town, but hey, were are Mormon college students so it’s appropriate I guess. Actually, to be clear, I was a college student, I am now a graduate. And so I have begun to embark on post graduate work…well, not exactly; more like I am trying to get a job now that I’ve graduated. Both Karl and I have acquired some work, Karl having transfered to BYU here in provo is working at the University Press, doing some kind of…work that I don’t understand with the server, maybe he will get to explain himself one day. As for me…I just got a job as a Paraprofessional…ie. a part time computer teacher at a mental health facility/ school for adolescents with mental health problems. I am excited to get started next week and as for now, I am starting a blog to kill the time between now and when school starts. Thats all for now I guess. More to come in our adventures soon….