Sick Lucas

Lucas has been really sick this week. No, this is just him wearing my sleep apnea mask. (I did get sick soon after too.)

IMG_7050.JPG IMG_7051.JPG

He has had a runny nose off and on for a few weeks, but this morning it reached new heights. His eyes began to get all red, and he was crying and crying about every little thing.

I took him to get a new helmet that morning which he was really happy about.

IMG_7054.JPG IMG_7053.JPG

But by the afternoon, this cute face above had morphed into this:

IMG_7103.JPG IMG_7104.JPG IMG_7102.JPG

So I took him in. By the time we got there, he just seemed so ill, poor guy.

IMG_7060.JPG IMG_7061.JPG
IMG_7057.JPG IMG_7065.JPG

I mean he had the GOOPIEST eyes I had ever seen. I would wipe what seemed like a gigantic wet booger out of both of his eyes only 5 minutes later to to look at his face again and they were back.


The PA that helped us was really great. He answered all my questions and gave him a thorough exam. Lucas had double pink eye and a double eye infection. He prescribed 10 day oral antibiotic as well as 5 days of antibiotic eye drops. We had to administer the drop 4 times a day, and it was awful. Poor Lukey hated it.

Even so, he bounced back quickly. I think it was more traumatic for me than for him.


IMG_7079.JPG IMG_7078.JPG

I was hoping for some quick results, but even after several doses, he was still looking pretty bad. His poor eyes and face were just so swollen, I was getting worried he was allergic to the drops.

He slept in on the floor in our room that night, mostly for me.




In the morning, he didn’t seem any better.


So I snuggled him, and he wheezed on me.



Flash forward 2 days:

IMG_7107.JPG IMG_7108.JPG



It took a couple of days, but Lucas’s face started looking normal again.


My poor boy. Karl was sweet and took over all eye drop duties.

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