Maryn’s Procedure

Bright and early on Wednesday morning Mirah and I headed up to SLC to go with Maryn to her doctor’s appointment for the growth on her knee. We had been to her general practitioner a couple of weeks before, and this is who he referred her to. 
Mom sent me a Starbucks gift card for Valentines day. Maryn got coffee, Mirah and I got hot coco. 
The best part about this picture is the man in the background. 
This is Maryn’s doctor. He told me to call him Leo when I asked him his name. 🙂
He is totally old school, but more on that later. 
We waited for a while. The office was really small, but Mirah was given all of this stuff from the office manager. 
Mission accomplished. 
The woman wanted Mirah to leave it up on the wall of fame. 

Mirah was into it. 
At last. We were in. Maryn was visibly nervous. 
The doc came in, a talked to us for about 30 seconds and then poked her in the leg with a HUGE needle. 
The result. 
It turned blue. 
Mirah didn’t like it. She hid behind my chair after the poke. 
The doc came in. It looked at it, made a small slice with a 3 inch razor blade. He didn’t wear gloves and I don’t remember him sanitizing her leg before he poked her or even cut open her leg. The skin seemed to fall away from the mass. 
He just used a small pair of clamps and just wiggled it out of the hole. 
It took 20 second. 
There wasn’t even any blood. 
Seriously, old school. 
What two doctors had assured us was a cyst, turned out to be what the doctor called a “fatty tumor.”
It seriously looked just like gnocchi. Size, shape, color.
The left over gore. 
He gave her a couple of stitches and one bandaid. 
This is Maryn saying, “that’s it?” 
The doc said “yes.” 
Maryn said, “I seriously love you. Seriously.”
We wanted to get another look. 
This is really the worst of it:
Afterwards we went out to Pho Thin in Sugarhouse. 
Mirah was excited to use chopsticks. 
Maryn decorated her little pile of rice to get her more interested.  
We got Maryn all set before we left, and then headed home.
Relived that it seems to be all over.
The doc did sent the tumor off for testing, “to make sure it’s nothing else.”
When I asked him what else it could be he ignored me. Yeah, he was old school. 

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