Luke in the Morning

Lucas is in the little scinetist phase and everything is interesting. He is also pre potty training, and the instant he has any urine on his diaper, he must have it off. AND he has discovered the power of climbing, and that all it takes is a little thinking to scale pretty much any place he wants.

So, on a morning where mom and dad are going REALLY slowly in the morning, little boys tend to get into trouble. LIKE the morning THIS happened.

IMG_7746.JPG IMG_7749.JPG
IMG_7748.JPG IMG_7751.JPG
IMG_7752.JPG IMG_7753.JPG
IMG_7754.JPG IMG_7755.JPG
IMG_7750.JPG IMG_7756.JPG
IMG_7757.JPG IMG_7758.JPG


Or THIS morning when he TRASHED the house.

Or, this afternoon when I was working on something and got distracted by him and his fascination with the microwave. He hasn’t figured out how to turn it on…yet. The day is coming soon. He is just so FREAKING tall!

He is just into everything. He is so perfect.

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