Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton was coming to Salt Lake and we had been trying to get tickets. They went on sale in February. The tickets were all sold out within the first half of the first day. We all waited in line, and no one got any.

Well, one person. My friend Devanie got a ticket, and she wasn’t even a very big fan.

It was such a TEASE.

A few weeks later, Karl found out a few more tickets were released, and he bought two! WE were SOOOOO excited.

IMG_7882.JPG IMG_7883.JPG IMG_7884.JPG

I listened to the music NON STOP as the days got closer.


The night of the show FINALLY arrived. We got all dressed up, and were so excited.


Like SO excited.



We got to Salt Lake Eccles Theater early enough to have some dinner at the cafe there.


Also early enough to by some Hamilton merch.


(This is a hat we bought for Landy.)

AND with enough time to take some pictures.

IMG_7917.JPG IMG_7915.JPG


IMG_7934.JPG IMG_7933.JPG




IMG_7936.JPG IMG_7937.JPG


IMG_7939.JPG IMG_7940.JPG



Time to go in!

Our seats were pretty sweet.



My heart JUMPED when we finally got to the ROOM WHERE IT WOULD HAPPEN!

IMG_7943.JPG IMG_7944.JPG
IMG_7948.JPG IMG_7950.JPG

It was our first time at the Eccles. It was a seriously beautiful theater.

IMG_7951.JPG IMG_7952.JPG

We looked through our Play Bill at our awesome cast.





The show began and it was just wonderful.

The cast was remarkable. We LOVED the actor who played Aaron Burr, Nik Walker. Jefferson/Lafayette: Kyle Scarliffe was also incredible. The Schuyler sisters were all incredible. The dancing was the best. I just loved it all.


By the time we left I had cried my make up off and was just full of happiness.

IMG_7971.JPG IMG_7972.JPG

We settled in at home, and I was so excited about my new sweater.



And my new shirt.



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