Grandma Pippy Arrived

The day Grandma Pippy was finally going to be here came and it was a weird day. You see the original plan was for mom and dad to drive up with a huge moving truck full of furniture and stuff. We were going to spend Wednesday moving them in and then…poor Dad got really sick. SO in the end, mom bought a ticket and fly to visit leaving Dad home to recoupe.

We went to grab Belle to spend some time with her so she could help me with Lucas that morning and get the house ready for mom to visit.

Lucas was so excited to see Ralphie. Chelsea was excited to share him.

IMG_8122.JPG IMG_8125.JPG
IMG_8127.JPG IMG_8126.JPG

After spending the morning cleaning, Belle left to get mom, and then mom was here!! We went back to our favorite spot in the yard, hammock land, and Lucas was excited to snuggle up with his Grandma Pippy.

IMG_8145.JPG IMG_8146.JPG

I think mom was enjoying the view.


Karl got home from work and joined us.

IMG_8148.JPG IMG_8149.JPG

The next morning, we went out to breakfast with Belle and Adam. Lucas was excited to be with his Grandma again. He refused to sit with me.

IMG_8156.JPG IMG_8157.JPG
IMG_8158.JPG IMG_8161.JPG

These cuties.

IMG_8162.JPG IMG_8163.JPG






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