Chelsea’s Commencement

The big day arrived for Belle and Adam.

IMG_8171.JPG IMG_8172.JPG

Elder Jeffery R. Holland was there so the place was packed.

IMG_8177.JPG IMG_8178.JPG

PACKED. Mom and I were there over an hour early, and the only seats we could get were in the nose bleed section, TOTALLY CRAMPED. At first we didn’t mind. It was just nice to be together.


And then we we sat down. And my knees had to be in the isle. THEN THIS kid came 10 minutes after it started and stuck his knees in to my back so bad I had to sit on the stairs the whole time. It was SO hot and crowded I wanted to DIE.

IMG_8179.JPG IMG_8180.JPG

The kids came in. Can you find Adam?


It was at this point mom got really emotional.


The program began.

IMG_8182.JPG IMG_8189.JPG

There were great speakers. AND I learned the BYU college song.

IMG_8183.JPG IMG_8184.JPG
IMG_8185.JPG IMG_8186.JPG

When the ceremony was over we met out on the lawn and had a photo shoot!!

IMG_8192.JPG IMG_8193.JPG
IMG_8196.JPG IMG_8197.JPG
IMG_8200.JPG IMG_8202.JPG



IMG_8212.JPG IMG_8214.JPG IMG_8215.JPG
IMG_8219.JPG IMG_8221.JPG
IMG_8223.JPG IMG_8227.JPG


IMG_8229.JPG IMG_8231.JPG


IMG_8236.JPG IMG_8239.JPG
IMG_8240.JPG IMG_8242.JPG

Harry Potter robes!

IMG_8249.JPG IMG_8321.JPG
IMG_8252.JPG IMG_8254.JPG

Wearing her hood.



IMG_8258.JPG IMG_8260.JPG

Camille came in from California! Matt, Adam’s cousin who live in town, was there too.

IMG_8266.JPG IMG_8263.JPG

Adam’s mom and dad, Dave and Janet Litster.

IMG_8270.JPG IMG_8271.JPG

The cute Grads again.

IMG_8275.JPG IMG_8278.JPG
IMG_8276.JPG IMG_8281.JPG
IMG_8279.JPG IMG_8280.JPG
IMG_8283.JPG IMG_8285.JPG
IMG_8288.JPG IMG_8322.JPG
IMG_8289.JPG IMG_8293.JPG
IMG_8294.JPG IMG_8297.JPG




IMG_8303.JPG IMG_8305.JPG


We went out to dinner at Wallaby’s with the whole gang for dinner. Karl came too. It was so nice to see him.

IMG_8306.JPG IMG_8307.JPG

Adam stayed in his robes all evening, even though Belle changed out.


We went to Costco to get stuff for dinner the next afternoon.  He was happy to keep his cap and gown on there.

IMG_8318.JPG IMG_8313.JPG


IMG_8314.JPG IMG_8316.JPG

These baby kids.

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