Ward Clean Up

It was neighborhood/ward clean up. We were up early to try and help out.

The kids with our little pile this year.

IMG_8495.JPG IMG_8496.JPG

Karl read to Lucas before heading out.


We went out to hand out water and drinks to people working.

IMG_8499.JPG IMG_8501.JPG

Me and my cutie little helpers.

We found a big group digging in front of a house a couple of blocks away.

IMG_8503.JPG IMG_8504.JPG
IMG_8506.JPG IMG_8509.JPG

Lucas just wanted to see his dad.

IMG_8507.JPG IMG_8508.JPG
IMG_8510.JPG IMG_8511.JPG
IMG_8513.JPG IMG_8512.JPG

There was another car giving out popsicles and water too.

IMG_8515.JPG IMG_8516.JPG
IMG_8517.JPG IMG_8518.JPG


IMG_8525.JPG IMG_8527.JPG

We helped out our buddy Sydney get her rose bushes pulled out.

IMG_8531.JPG IMG_8532.JPG
IMG_8534.JPG IMG_8536.JPG

I stayed inside with the kids so Sydney could direct and help the guys.

IMG_8537.JPG IMG_8540.JPG
IMG_8547.JPG IMG_8557.JPG

Kalvin and my kids were out in the back, while Lewis and I tried to stay calm while we had to watch from the window.


After all of that we headed home.


And Mirah was getting silly, when she made her hair into a beard for the first time.

IMG_8565.JPG IMG_8566.JPG
IMG_8567.JPG IMG_8569.JPG

She thought she was pretty funny.

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