After the Caves

Back at the camp, we were all on the high of adventure.


Lucas found his toys, and was happy to have some time to run free.



IMG_9324.JPG IMG_9325.JPG

Gerald came over to say hi, and Karen asked to go out and see his tropical fish.

He was happy to show us. He had a hatchery. He used the water from the warm spring to warm the water.

IMG_9333.JPG IMG_9334.JPG
IMG_9332.JPG IMG_9337.JPG

Zac had ridden the tote goat out to the hatchery. He had mud splash up his back.

We went into another green house full of fish. When we dipped our hands in the fish nibbled on them.

IMG_9342.JPG IMG_9335.JPG
IMG_9340.JPG IMG_9344.JPG


Gerald gave us some tomatoes and gogi berries that he was growing it here. Then we headed back to camp to make dinner. Karen took her turn to ride. She wanted her dad to ride with her.

It didn’t go great. She did well though.

Back at camp the peacocks were calling and dancing. It was quite a show.

IMG_9328.JPG IMG_9329.JPG

Ugh, but the stinky doegs were kind of ruining everything with their stink. They could tell we were making food and they wanted some. So they stayed near by. This is Dorango.


We had hamburgers and hot coco.

IMG_9348.JPG IMG_9349.JPG

Little miss lady…


Lucas was so happy to be free, it took all of our efforts to get some food into him.

IMG_9354.JPG IMG_9352.JPG



After dinner the kids went hunting for peacock feathers. No luck.

IMG_9362.JPG IMG_9363.JPG

We sat around the fire after dinner.


Then it was time to roast marshmallows and have s’mores.

IMG_9369.JPG IMG_9370.JPG


IMG_9365.JPG IMG_9366.JPG


IMG_9367.JPG IMG_9372.JPG









We sat and talked and laugh and just enjoyed each other.

We put all the kids to bed in our cabin. Karen keeping an eye out. Our kids fell asleep while poor Karen got hot and couldn’t. The four grown ups stayed up and talked.

Eventually I had Karen go to her cabin, and we all went to sleep.

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