Getting There

Friday afternoon we set out on a journey. A journey to go camping! We had plans for months to go camping with our family the Whitmores. Zac and Karen had been out exploring the western Utah deserts and found a cool family ranch near some amazing caves and slot canyons with cool cabins to stay and in. That catch, is that it was far and in the middle of nowhere. An hour and a half past Delta. With NOTHING between the ranch and Delta.

We stopped for dinner at at a little Mexican place, the last place to eat before leaving Delta.

They had a mother’s day special:


We had a super yummy dinner. Chips and salsa. Kids on one side of the table.


Me and my sweetheart on the other.


Soon enough our food came:

A DELICIOUS shredded beef chimichanga


Shredded beef quesadilla for the kids.


Carne Asada fries for Karl. With nacho cheese AND shredded cheese.


This boy. He was ready to eat, but to excited to eat much.

IMG_8888.JPG IMG_8890.JPG

After dinner, we drove another hour. Then turned off onto a dirt road.


The kids were getting anxious to get there. And Mirah was so freaking cute.


That is Garrison Mountain, I believe.


We drove about 30 miles and that dirt road and finally arrived at the Bates Ranch.

Gerald Bates, met us as we pulled up and showed us to our cabin.


Our keys:

IMG_8900.JPG IMG_8901.JPG

Our cute little cabin was called the Coyote’s den.

It was raining the whole drive out, and the whole evening.


But it was bed time when we arrived, and the kids, without any help from us, got into the beds in the loft and were nice and settled with their tablets.


Here is a full video to see it all:

We got unpacked, and then it was time to get into PJ’s and go to the bathroom etc.

Getting them down and to the bathroom proved challenging.

IMG_8902.JPG IMG_8904.JPG
IMG_8905.JPG IMG_8906.JPG
IMG_8907.JPG IMG_8908.JPG
IMG_8910.JPG IMG_8909.JPG

I could have helped…but my shoes were already off so….


I did end up making it to the bathroom, and they were really cute.


All hand done. Love it.


They had showers and everything.


The counters were made of whole trees and everything out there was reclaimed from somewhere.

It was cold and wet and dark, and we were all tired from the drive. So we had no problem falling asleep.

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