The Devil Inside of Lucas

My sweet baby boy has a devil inside him this week. Every day, he is either biting someone, breaking something, dumping milk into dirt to make mud, or just screaming his head off just to upset me.


Sure, there are cute moments. Like here, when he refused to sit in his high chair. While wearing underwear. Yes, we tried potty training this week, and I think that this has made him decided to turn on me.

IMG_9927.JPG IMG_9928.JPG

You take away my diaper, I will make your life a living hell.

IMG_9941.JPG IMG_9940.JPG

I mean it was short lived. He pooped around noon, and after a poop shower, and then another accident, where he ended up naked and wouldn’t put his clothing back on, I gave up.


Then the next day while trying to calm him down, he went violent on us because wet tried to eat some of the blue berries.


Mirah had a birthday party, and I was able to get him to fall asleep in the car.


He only slept for 45 minutes though.

Then of course at bed time he just wanted to lay down and sing and hold my hand and all was forgotten.



This boy has my heart. And it hurts sometimes.

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