Saturday is a Special Day-GARDEN!

After Mirah’s recital we got busy. It was time to plant our tomato garden.

We had a lot of work to do. Me needed to weed and fix the sprinkler.


Karl got distracted and hung some art during a break from the sun.

IMG_9896.JPG IMG_9892.JPG


IMG_9893.JPG IMG_9894.JPG

We listened to cake and worked.


Before and after.

IMG_9891.JPG IMG_9897.JPG



My peonies bloomed!


Then Lucas got naked.

IMG_9899.JPG IMG_9900.JPG
IMG_9902.JPG IMG_9901.JPG

And Mirah changed.

IMG_9903.JPG IMG_9904.JPG
IMG_9905.JPG IMG_9906.JPG

It’s hard to work with little kids around. They get into everything.

BUT, I was able to get a sitter, and we went out, and the over to Nitsy’s and it was such a long day.



Slap Fish and sodas.



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