The Circus

For the boys birthday Grandpa and Grandma Hite got everyone tickets to:
The circus was at the UVU basketball stadium. We got there a little early and enjoyed watching the elephants and ponies. 

Aunt Betsy got everyone cotton candy. 

Mirah especially LOVED it. 
Although she ate it wrong…
Sh really liked to lick it. 
Judah and Asher…not so much into cotton candy. 
The show began and the kids were INTO it. 
Russina swing! 
Circus Doggie!!

An amazing leaping poodle. 

This things that was terrfying to watch. 
The kids were hypnotized. 
Then there was the flying Elsa’s and Anna. 

Motorcyles! They guy actually fell of the bike and then got stuck under it. 

The kids had a blast. Thanks for the tickets!
We face timed with Grandma and Grandpa afterwards to thank then for the great time. 

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