The Bean

A super fun winter afternoon activity. THE MONTY L. BEAN museum. 
It is newly refurbished.
We met up with Belle, and Didree who was in town for the weekend, and Adam (Belle’s new fella) and Rose a friend of Adam’s from Boise. She was inspired by the space and needed to do a hand stand. 
There used to be lots of small animals. Now there is tons of large animal exhibits. 
Leaping dear. 
A lion attacking a water buffalo. 
A group of Lions! 
More lions coming after some Zeebras. 
Then of course…the LIGER!!!
Oh Karl. 
We were met by a really nice employee who told us all kinds of things about the museum, like all of the animals were donated. Then she showed us all this tiger head. 
It was surprisingly heavy. 
Mirah loved it. 
A good shot of Adam. 

Something for dad:
They have an ELEPHANT! 
A real passenger pigeon. An extinct animal. 
We all went out for tacos afterwards.

The next day the gang came over for dinner, spaghetti and meat sauce. One of my favorite things. All and all a really nice weekend. 

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