Summer Movies Begin

So our local theater, the Scera, has a summer movie program. For $7 for the whole summer, there are movies once a week for the kids to enjoy. All kids movies. They also sell 50 cent concessions. Little cups of popcorn, capri suns, and air heads. Perfect for little kids. The first movie was Paddington 2.

Mirah and Lucas were so cute. When I told them what movie we were going to see they remembered that Lucas had a Paddington bear. So Lucas brought it. Then Mirah wanted to bring a bear. Then she wanted to wear her blue toggle coat.

IMG_0586.JPG IMG_0587.JPG
IMG_0588.JPG IMG_0589.JPG

We got our snacks, and the movie started.


Lucas wanted to wear my sunglasses in the middle of the movie, so I let him. He actually did SO well. It was so fun.

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