Summer Fest Parade 2018

Summer fest parade time! And look what we won!!


What will follow here will mostly be is pictures of my kids catching candy, and being cute and having a total blast.

IMG_0710.JPG IMG_0711.JPG


Lucas looking cool, and being sooooooo cute.

IMG_0714.JPG IMG_0721.JPG
IMG_0718.JPG IMG_0722.JPG


Those freaking cute cutie cute shorts!

IMG_0727.JPG IMG_0730.JPG
IMG_0728.JPG IMG_0729.JPG
IMG_0731.JPG IMG_0736.JPG



IMG_0733.JPG IMG_0734.JPG



Cooks gave us these allisums just like every year.

IMG_0740.JPG IMG_0741.JPG
IMG_0742.JPG IMG_0743.JPG

The Derby Darlings were there!


Quick Quack brought an actual building!

IMG_0744.JPG IMG_0747.JPG

Lucas and this amazing Duck call.

IMG_0749.JPG IMG_0751.JPG
IMG_0753.JPG IMG_0755.JPG



IMG_0759.JPG IMG_0763.JPG
IMG_0766.JPG IMG_0765.JPG

Lots of emotions on a day like this with so much movement and candy.

IMG_0767.JPG IMG_0768.JPG

I was just handed an ice cream cone!

IMG_0771.JPG IMG_0773.JPG

I got a couple of licks before the kids took it.

IMG_0774.JPG IMG_0776.JPG
IMG_0777.JPG IMG_0778.JPG

THEN they handed out fat boys to us all.

IMG_0781.JPG IMG_0783.JPG
IMG_0785.JPG IMG_0787.JPG

Free passes for the Classic Fun Center.


So many candies. So much fun.





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