Library Solar System Tour

We having been working on getting points for the Library summer reading program.

We went to story time.


Enjoyed the bubbles. The kids love the bubbles.

IMG_0814.JPG IMG_0817.JPG
IMG_0819.JPG IMG_0820.JPG

After bubbles, we went on a solar system tour. It was a virtual tour. With the idea that it would be to scale. It was just so cute, and the kids were so cute, I just had to document it.

This is a pomegranate sun.


We got stuff to make our own solar system.


Next, Mercury, Venus and Earth. Then Mars, and Jupiter.


We went running up back and forth through the stacks. Following arrows until we found the next planet.


Uranas and the Neptune.


We even found little baby Pulto, the gas giant.

We were running, and laughing and all of us were totally beat by the end.

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