Father’s Day

Happy happy Father’s Day!


Karl doesn’t really like breakfast in bed, or pancakes, or any of the normal stuff. So we made him a nice breakfast sandwich and my Lucas who loves eggs and is suddenly really good at cracking them, was into helping.



I mean check him out!!!!

It was a pretty delicious looking breakfast sandwich.

IMG_0999.JPG IMG_1002.JPG

Mirah made him a little not that she taped on to his bed.

IMG_1019.JPG IMG_1020.JPG

The kids were excited to wake up dad. WITH KISSES!!!

IMG_1004.JPG IMG_1005.JPG

And even though he wasn’t into breakfast in bed, he did it, for the kids.


(You can see the orchid we got him in the background)

Church was great, and the kids came home with lots of stuff for Dad.

IMG_1014.JPG IMG_1012.JPG
IMG_1016.JPG IMG_1017.JPG
IMG_1015.JPG IMG_1021.JPG

Everyone from the Primary, to the Primary teachers to the ward wanted to say thanks to our Dads!

IMG_1008.JPG IMG_1009.JPG

This little headband was for Mirah, they are a pretty silly group of talkers.


Dinner was Carne Asada Cheese fries.


All in all, a pretty great fathers day. I’m so thankful for Karl, he is so good to my wonderful children.

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