Mirah’s First Filling

The day that I have dreaded for my poor girl has finally come:
Mirah’s first cavity, and then her first filling.
We have an AWESOME dentist. If you are in Utah Valley, and you have kids I would HIGHLY recommend Smart Pediatric Dentistry.   We see Dr. Ryan Blankenship- he is a young guy with little kids of his own. He is SO great with the kids. Neither one has any problems with the dentist.
 I was still a little nervous about Mirah’s first filling but it went great! She got laughing gas. 
 The only funny thing was that one side of her face was a little…saggy unitil bedtime:
This face.
For dinner we went to Red Fuego, this peruvian place that Karl went to once with work and has been dying to go back to with me.
I can’t blame him, it is really great food!
While at dinner we snapped a few more shots of lady saggy face. So funny and cute. I was starting to worry of course, so I looked it up and it is normal.
 Live and in action, she was trying to show us that she could whistle.
She did great. I’m really proud of her. For now, we are trying hard to get better at flossing. That should help us avoid more cavities in the future.

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