Dinner and Getting Settled

We got to the house about 15 minutes before our check in, and the Mississippi Hites were already there waiting. Grandma and Grandpa Hite were there too. We waited another HOUR to be let in. All the while, watching people come in and out of the house. Karl went through with a women who was the apparent manager. She was curt, with a forced pleasant tone, like she hated us already. Landy and Sean arrived, and it was dinner time. Jim picked a place and it was just a few blocks away. I didn’t feel up to dragging Lucas down a busy street, we we drove while the rest of the gang walked.


Grandma and Grandpa had gone ahead. And Lucas was excited to see him there waiting for us.


It was a nice steak, sushi place. But they did somethings well, and other things poorly.

Like we waited for an hour and a half for our food. The kids were all going nuts. The resturant wasn’t air conditioned, but it was very hot, so they had to open this side door that lead out to the back of the restaurant. The kids ran around out there. It was kind of great, it was the first time they could all play together. Betsy and her kids, and Malia were still on there way, and arrived after dinner was over. When dinner did arrive, it was only okay. The only thing that was really good was the spicy tuna tower.

IMG_2821.JPG IMG_2822.JPG

That night we got orgnaized and sent to our rooms. We were lucky to get the master suit. Which meant we were sleeping all in one room. A very hot room, with one window that opened. It was a door.

IMG_2826.JPG IMG_2825.JPG IMG_2824.JPG

It was a nice enough room, even though it was decorated in the late 80’s but hey, it was a bed.

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