Mountain Goat Run

After our crazy morning photo shoot, things were tired and tense at the house. We had lunch, then napped, and then woke up hurried over to the Mountain Goat Run with the Mississippi Hites. Everyone else was too annoyed and too mad to attempt it.

We arrived as the kids started to run.

Karl dropped us off to join the group and he parked the car.

The kids were excited to run for about…5 minutes.

IMG_2905.JPG IMG_2910.JPG
IMG_2911.JPG IMG_2912.JPG

The would get up their energy, and then give up again.

IMG_2907.JPG IMG_2909.JPG

Karl caught up to us. And gave Luke a much wanted ride.

IMG_2914.JPG IMG_2914.JPG

The Mississippi Hites were holding up a bit better than us.

IMG_2915.JPG IMG_2916.JPG
IMG_2917.JPG IMG_2918.JPG
IMG_2920.JPG IMG_2921.JPG
IMG_2922.JPG IMG_2924.JPG
IMG_2925.JPG IMG_2926.JPG
IMG_2927.JPG IMG_2928.JPG

Half way there…

IMG_2930.JPG IMG_2929.JPG
IMG_2931.JPG IMG_2932.JPG

We got to another hill and the kids thought that they would push!

IMG_2934.JPG IMG_2935.MOV


IMG_2936.JPG IMG_2939.JPG
IMG_2941.JPG IMG_2942.JPG

Ethan and I ran up way ahead of the rest!


Then Lucas went on the ground acting like a little goat, since it was the Mountain Goat race.

IMG_2945.JPG IMG_2946.JPG

Then up another hill, the kids getting whinier.


But the view from the top of the hill…it was worth the hike up.



IMG_2950.JPG IMG_2956.JPG
IMG_2951.JPG IMG_2954.JPG
IMG_2953.JPG IMG_2955.JPG
IMG_2958.JPG IMG_2957.JPG

Coming down Mirah and Sawyer ran ahead, determined to win the race.

Leaving me and Karl to take turn s carrying this guy.

IMG_2959.JPG IMG_2960.JPG
IMG_2961.JPG IMG_2962.JPG
IMG_2963.JPG IMG_2964.JPG
IMG_2965.JPG IMG_2966.JPG

He did however have enough energy to run to the finish line!

IMG_0652.JPG IMG_0655.JPG IMG_0656.JPG

The kids with their numbers and finishers frisbys.

IMG_2974.JPG IMG_2977.JPG
IMG_2991.JPG IMG_2979.JPG
IMG_2981.JPG IMG_2982.JPG
IMG_2983.JPG IMG_2985.JPG

Glad we did it.

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