As is tradition, we carved pumpkins on the Monday before Halloween. 
The day beforehand was spent watching Kiki and “flying” around the house. 

This years pumpkins all washed and ready to cut. 
My pumpkin
 Karl’s pumpkin
 Mirah’s pumpkin.
 Karl is such a great dad. He loves to do new things with Mirah. He is really great about finding teaching moments. He was telling her here that she need to use her hand like a shovel and scoop all of the seeds out. 
 I collected the seeds and got them ready for toasting. We told Mirah they are kind of like peanuts and she was really excited to eat them. 
 While digging into my pumpkin I forgot the FIRST rule in cutting something with a knife…cut AWAY from yourself. This made Mirah worried about the pumpkins. She thought they would hurt her. We had to explain that it was the knife, specifically Mom with a knife that was the danger. 

Karl helped me finish cutting the top off. I did all the rest though, including all of the seeding and scooping.

 Karls pumpkin. 
Next they did Mirah’s. She wanted one eye. 
 That was a girl. 
So Karl did a really great job realizing her vision. 
 We got some glow sticks to put inside the pumpkins, as well as tea lights. Here is Mirah “feeding” the pumpkin. 
 I finished last. I like him. Dopy, but nice. 
 A fun dollar store find. Glow stick finger tips. 
 Our pumpkins on the porch. 

Yeah, too many pumpkins. But a very Happy Halloween!!

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