Mid Autum Festival-Moon Cakes

Tonight was the Mid Autumn Festival. We got an email during dinner from Mirah’s Chinese teacher that tonight was the night. We were excited to have a fun thing to do. So we finished up dinner, and headed to the Asian Market. Not before Mirah drew a quick picture of the moon and stars.


Off to the Market, and to the table of moon cakes!

IMG_6630.JPG IMG_6631.JPG

It took the moon FOREVER to come out. It was 8:30 before we could see the moons shine coming over the mountains.

IMG_6639.JPG IMG_6633.JPG
IMG_6640.JPG IMG_6636.JPG

We started in on the moon cakes. We only got two, they were 6 bucks each! And NOT good.

IMG_6642.JPG IMG_6643.JPG

They were made of a simple pastry crust with a thick Red Bean filling.

IMG_6644.JPG IMG_6645.JPG
IMG_6646.JPG Lucas was the only one who would eat it. IMG_6647.JPG


IMG_6655.JPG IMG_6656.JPG

The other round one was an egg yolk filling. It was… not great.


We anticipated that the authentic cakes would be less good so we bought some pockys just in case.

IMG_6649.JPG IMG_6652.JPG

The moon was up and bright!

IMG_6657.JPG IMG_6659.JPG

We stood out on the lawn in the cold.

IMG_6662.JPG IMG_6663.JPG



Mirah with her moon decor.



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