Visiting Grandma Day Two

So, first thing in the moring, we headed back to Grandma’s house. We gathered as a family and just spent some time together. Caitlin showed everyone her wedding pictures. Betsy showed grandma the pictures from her graduation. We all took turns talking to grandma. Here is a pictures by Aunt Maila. Karl and Mirah saying hello. Mirah gave grandma like 5 kisses all of them on the mouth. Grandma was going in for one here. She made Grandma smile. 

Caitlin with Grandma. 

When my turn came. It was just so sweet. 
I came in a gave Grandma a hug. She said, “Thank you for everything.” That made me smile. I told her. “Thank you Grandma, you have always treated me so special, you have always treated me like I was yours.” This made her smile, she then said, “Well you are.” This made me start to cry. I told her I loved her, she said she loved me too. She hugged me some more, and kissed my cheek. She said thank you a bunch more times, and then I was really starting to loose it. It told her I loved her again and then I had to leave the room.  I wanted to respect the rules about not being sad in front of Grandma. 

While we were chatting the kids had built this little fort with grandma’s wheel chair. 
Before we all left, we had a family prayer. Given by Jim. We knelt together and prayed for peace and comfort for Grandma. There was a wonderful feeling of peace and love in the room. 
The gang met up again outside. The visit was coming to an end and we were happy to have been together if only for a little while. 
Scott made me switch in. 
Final goodbyes. 

Then on the road again. 
We caravanned with Nitsy. We stopped for food and gas a couple of times. 
Here are Nick and Judah at one such stop in a Vegas McDonalds. 

We were home around 1 Utah time. 
Glad we went. Exhausted, but very glad. 

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