Corn Maze 2014

So after last years corn maze fail I was on edge on today’s outing.
We went back out to McCords in west Provo.
Tons of fun activities, not to mention the corn maze.

Our first stop:

Krysta, Karen, and Lady Story came out with us. Nitsy and the boys came out to meet us too.

The lovely Karen. 

Mirah and Story having a blast. 

The boys showing me their stamps. 
Asher playing bean bags. 
Out at the Duck Race!

Mirah and Story reaching for the duckies. 

Cattle roping. 
More photo opps. 
Corn Cannon. 

It was quite loud, and the kids didn’t like it. 

Krysta, my BFF. 
Then the kids all got on the tractor barrel ride. 

The kids all seemed to love it, and they were in high spirits during this photo opp. 
After all that fun, we were ready to go into the corn maze. 
We did that Kids maze. The kids had to go around and find tracers of animal prints. 

The day was warm and sunny. We were able to play lots. 
Another fun Utah Valley adventure. 

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