Pumpkin Patch

I love the fall! And our Fall pumpkin traditions. Like JAKERS Pumpkin Patch!  
Our first year:

Here we are this year!
There was a huge hey bail pyramid this year. 
Then of course the haunted ally. 

Then the petting zoo with the biggest big I have ever seen. 

And then a super cute little pot belly pig. 
Judah loved him.
This bug fly into Karl’s eye. 
Two of the most unkempt looking geese in the world lived there too. 

There was even a little joey. 
He was very popular. 
Then there was the hay bail maze. 

The kids loved it. The mostely loved to run around and find “the end” which was any time we hit a dead end. 

We found it!
Next we found the corn pit!

Now this set of pictures I love because it started as me trying to get Nick to smile for me and then became a family picture. 
Nick and Betsy…
Then you see the little hand on her shoulder…
It digresses from here. 
Mirah was starting to get tired. 

The sun was going down so we had to get to the pumpkin picking. 

We found a few good ones. 

As always we had a total blast. 

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