Fall Time in Logan

It was Saturday and we headed up to Logan! 
You see there was lots going on. 
First off…
Thats right, in all of her glory!  Hermana Melanie Hicken was home from her mission! 
Fun things to note: 
1. Her amazing pants. They are very soft. She bought them in Argentina.
2. She has swapped her scriptures for a new iphone!  (JK I totally posed her.) 
3. She is just GLOWING with post mission spiritual happiness. 
It made me trunky for Chelsea to get home at the end of the month. 
It was also the Logan Film festival!
We were given permission to leave Mirah with Aunt Shirlene and Uncle Greg and the four of us went over to the Ellen Eccles Theatre to see a short film block, Made in Utah. 

I was geeking out about getting some “Film Maker” credentials. 
Here I am with the real film maker. 
Our time slot. 
So many topics, so much weirdness. 
Here are some of the film makers answering questions.
Nick explaining his existential inspiration for Space Garden, which BTW was the film we were there to see. 
We went to Center Street Grill for lunch. 
We grabbed the kiddos on our way. 

The food came. 

Delicious as expected. 
The kids were tired so we went back to the Hicken’s house. 
We put Mirah in a dark corner in the sewing room. Unbeknownst to us there was a candy drawer within her reach. 
We found these:

So she was on a suger high and unable to sleep.  So Grandma and Grandpa Barney came over and we all sat a visited. 

Mel got Barkley this sweet little number. 
William was NOT pleased. 

We listened to the Women’s meeting on our drive home. It was a really nice day. 

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