Sunday in EC

One huge draw for me dragging my family to El Centro was going to church in my home ward.

It had changed so much. And in other ways it had not changed at all.

Ways it had changed:

(As Seen Below) Slater Sanders, who was a baby, infant, NEW BORN when we were dating, is now a youth speaker. It was kind of shocking. You just want to think that when you leave a place, it stands still until you come back.

Yet the other speaker, Ofelia Waisnamen, who spoke with my grandmother on the day she gave her first talk after returning to church. She also spoke with me when I gave my missionary farewell. It made me so happy to hear her speak.

Mirah drew this picture of her Grandparents and parents. The top set, Grandma and Grandpa Pippy. The bottom set, Grandam and Grandpa Hite.

IMG_7761.JPG IMG_7762.JPG

The kids went to Primary. Mom is the Primary chorister. Here she is singing with the nursery kids.

IMG_7766.JPG IMG_7767.JPG

Lucas jumped right in. We also saw Emma Jones. Her nephew works with Karl.

IMG_7768.JPG IMG_7763.JPG

While in nursery we were able to see Jeff and Jen Burt’s new son Scott. He was SO perfect.

IMG_7769.JPG IMG_7770.JPG
IMG_7772.JPG IMG_7773.JPG

Lucas made the Barbie RV a food truck.

Here are mom and Mirah in Junior Primary Music time. Can you find Mirah?

IMG_7764.JPG IMG_7765.JPG

After church we had Loaded Potato soup, and quesadillas.


Then sweet grandpa and grandma gave the kids gifts, “for visiting El Centro”

IMG_7775.JPG IMG_7776.JPG

Ponies and super heros. The kids LOVED them.

They also loved to feed the turtles.

IMG_7778.JPG IMG_7780.JPG

Mom made carne asada, bean dip, watermelon, and tortillas for dinner. We were blessed to have visitors. The Sumas AND Tia, who came all the way from Yuma, made the whole thing SO amazing.

IMG_7781.JPG IMG_7782.JPG
IMG_7783.JPG IMG_7784.JPG

Tegan still didn’t LOVE me. But she warmed up a bit. TeeTee. TuTu.


It was such a wonderful day. It felt so familiar, safe and…home.

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