Lucas’s Finished Costume, Halloween Party


Halloween in full swing at our house, and after hours of work, fix after fix, Lucas was in his costume for his first event.

Here he is in his finished Spike the Dragon costume.

IMG_7945.JPG IMG_7951.JPG
IMG_7941.JPG IMG_7942.JPG
IMG_7944.JPG IMG_7948.JPG
IMG_7960.JPG IMG_7950.JPG

Mirah, unhappy to be left out, got a turn too.

IMG_7957.JPG IMG_7958.JPG
IMG_7959.JPG IMG_7955.JPG

Family, isn’t about, costumes? 😉


When I dropped him off at school he was so excited to show everyone his costume.

“I’m Spike the Dragon!!! Yeah!!!”

IMG_7963.JPG IMG_7964.JPG

Love him so so so soooooooo much.

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