First Day of First Grade! (Sort of)

First day of First grade for Mirah. It was just a pre-official-start of school for kids going into Chinese. Lucas wanted to go to, and Mirah was feeling a little nervous.

IMG_5432.JPG IMG_5433.JPG

Lukey wanted to be in!!!

IMG_5423.JPG IMG_5424.JPG


IMG_5430.JPG IMG_5425.JPG

Blue bow…

IMG_5427.JPG IMG_5428.JPG
 IMG_5428.JPG  IMG_5434.JPG
 IMG_5435.JPG  IMG_5436.JPG

Ore Pink?

IMG_5437.JPG IMG_5438.JPG
IMG_5439.JPG IMG_5440.JPG

We went with pink in the end.

IMG_5442.JPG IMG_5443.JPG
 IMG_5444.JPG IMG_5445.JPG

Bye bye lady!

PS: She had a great time, of course.


I mean look at that face!!

Here she is telling me all about it:

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