Snoring Boy-ENT Visit

So for the past 6 months or more I have been worrying about Lucas’s snore. I hear him every night from our room. I asked his pediatrician about it back in August. I even got a referral.  I never ended up going because I convinced myself that I was over reacting. Then we went on our family vacation for fall break, and slept in the same room with him. It was bad. I am convinced that he has sleep apnea.

Then I took a video of him sleeping:

Showed it to Karl and Malia, and decided it was time to go see an ENT.

IMG_8151.JPG IMG_8153.JPG

He was going NUTS. Bouncing off the walls!

IMG_8154.JPG IMG_8155.JPG

He went up and down on the chair.


My sweet boy.

After discussions of sleep studies and research, and lots of questions and consideration. He examined Luke’s tonsils and watched our video and was convinced that rather than do a sleep study to determine that Lucas’s tonsils are huge and causing sleep obstruction, just take out the tonsils. We did it. Nov 16th.

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