Lady Night-Color Me Mine

As a renewal of last years new years goal, we are trying to have a special one on one night with each of the kids at least ONE time a month. Mirah and I were up with time. Karl and Lucas went to Liquidation team, bought “pewers” or foam ball guns, and went and shot at each other.

Mirah and I went to Color Me Mine and used a gift certificate that we got for her for her birthday last year.

The place was full of people, and Mirah took no time picking out a little seal bank to decorate.

I thought we could do something nuts with a rainbow for something, but no, Mirah wanted to paint it grey, and go for a pretty natural look.

IMG_0103.JPG IMG_0101.JPG


IMG_0106.JPG IMG_0104.JPG

We wrote our names on the bottom.

IMG_0108.JPG IMG_0107.JPG

Here it is all done.

IMG_0109.JPG IMG_0110.JPG

A PERFECT Mirah pose.


Flash Forward to Sunday. We picked up our project on Saturday evening after spending the day out. She was very excited with how it turned out.


You can tell by her face…

IMG_0281.JPG IMG_0282.JPG

She is very excited to go again.

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