Date Night, Paint Night

Why does this man look so smug? Because he knew that he found a great date night, and he knew it even before we started.


We went to the Painter Pallete in Lehi. Karl found a Groupon.

We got our canvas’s and we picked a painting to create.

IMG_8164.JPG IMG_8165.JPG

We got to work, and doing a gradient like this was really fun.

IMG_8166.JPG IMG_8167.JPG


IMG_8168.JPG IMG_8169.JPG
IMG_8170.JPG IMG_8171.JPG


IMG_8174.JPG IMG_8175.JPG


My final project on the left, and Karl on the right.

IMG_8172.JPG IMG_8173.JPG

Karl continued to tweak his painting …

IMG_8177.JPG IMG_8179.JPG
IMG_8180.JPG IMG_8181.JPG

Mission accomplished

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