Mirah Won an Award! Reflections 2018-2019

So as you may recall, Mirah submitted a book she wrote into a competition:

Mirah’s Writings Reflections Submission 2018-Heroes Around Me

We were so pleased to discover that her book won!


We were invited to the school’s Reflections Awards night.

IMG_8224.JPG IMG_8225.JPG

All the wards in a row, including Mirah’s

IMG_8227.JPG IMG_8230.JPG
IMG_8228.JPG IMG_8229.JPG

There was a dinner for all participants and their families.

IMG_8231.JPG IMG_8235.JPG

I’m just so proud of this sweet girl!!

IMG_8236.JPG IMG_8237.JPG

The principal was out of town for a few weeks visiting China actually, so the assistant principal Mr. Proctor handed out the awards.

IMG_8246.JPG IMG_8247.JPG

The kids also received a bunch of sweet little gift certificates from local businesses. As well as some candies and treats and toys.

IMG_8238.JPG IMG_8239.JPG
IMG_8240.JPG IMG_8241.JPG

All the sweet children.

IMG_8242.JPG IMG_8243.JPG

Award in hand.


So proud. Love this lovely wonderful smart good talented girl.

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