Karl’s First Quarter Trip to Seattle

The Q1 Seattle trip has come and gone. It’s always tough, in a very evolved independent woman sort of way, to have Karl gone. We miss having him home, and its so nice to have some backup with these energetic kiddos. Sometimes all it takes to keep the peace is a second voice to say the same thing that I have been saying, to get them to get in line and obey.

This time it was only two nights and  three days. Not so bad.

We stay connected, we face time, Marco Polo, call and text all of the time.

He sent me these cute pictures of him while we chatted.

moments_01_17_18_43_02.JPG moments_01_17_18_43_07.JPG
moments_01_17_18_43_09.JPG moments_01_17_18_43_10.JPG
moments_01_17_18_43_11.JPG moments_01_17_18_43_15.JPG


One his first night out, he actually helped a little family with a flat tire situation. Like he helped a man by changing his tire while a young woman of unknown relation stood by with some tired upset kids.

IMG_1071.JPG IMG_1072.JPG

He got all dirty and ripped his jeans in the process, but was happy to do it.


Here we are on Thursday night while I got dinner ready chatting with dad.

moments_01_17_19_42_43.JPG moments_01_17_19_42_55.JPG

We were expecting more delay due to the government shutdown, but Karl was delayed due to plane failures instead.


He did get to sit next to an empty seat both to and from the city, which always makes him happy.

Home again home again…as though he never left.

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