Mirah’s Art Lately

This is again my way to be able to throw away some of Mirah’s things without forgetting how freaking perfect and cute she is right now.

Her certificates from Reflections and passing levels in Lexia.

IMG_0338.JPG IMG_0332.JPG

A couple of things from Christmas time have surfaced including her letter to Santa done in the computer lab, and this amazing Unicorn picture.

IMG_0329.JPG IMG_0333.JPG
IMG_0330.JPG IMG_0331.JPG

She is really into unicorns recently. The eyes are-frightening.

Her stories are still very cute.

IMG_0334.JPG IMG_0335.JPG


She is doing great in Chinese and ALSO at weird poems, very weird.

I wish

I will

be a

Gron (Grown)

Up fary (fairy)

(it looks like fart, the t is y, and we have had a lot of fun with the grown up fart thing)

By a


of a star

IMG_0337.JPG IMG_0345.JPG


Cooto is a Character that Mirah created and his been writing cute little stories about recently. Cooto is an anthropomorphic pig, with a little buddy named Mows (pronounced Mouse)

IMG_0339.JPG IMG_0340.JPG
IMG_0341.JPG IMG_0342.JPG
IMG_0343.JPG IMG_0344.JPG


She wrote a halloween story.

IMG_0351.JPG IMG_0358.JPG
IMG_0352.JPG IMG_0353.JPG
IMG_0354.JPG IMG_0355.JPG

She has been designing clothing, or at least drawing it.

IMG_0356.JPG IMG_0361.JPG


She did the one on the left in art class.

IMG_0357.JPG IMG_0359.JPG


Thine one I am really proud of, she did it all on her own. A layered cut out book. About the things she is thankful for!

IMG_0362.JPG IMG_0363.JPG
IMG_0364.JPG IMG_0365.JPG
IMG_0366.JPG IMG_0367.JPG
IMG_0368.JPG IMG_0369.JPG

A cowgirl. And a gratitude tree.

IMG_0370.JPG IMG_0372.JPG

I freaking love this kid, but her output is crazy.

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