The Pin Chart

I just realized I haven’t posted about the pin charts we have been using to motivate the kids. I mean if I have, I haven’t been able to find it. So here is our daily (week daily) pin chart. It hangs in the hallway between our rooms.

We have things that make it a good morning or a good night.

IMG_0668.JPG IMG_0669.JPG
IMG_0670.JPG IMG_0671.JPG

The “CHORES” vary from day to day. Sometimes for Mirah it’s pouring cereal for herself and her brother so mom can finish getting ready. Sometimes for Lucas it’s helping me get all the trash cans into the hallway. Mirah even takes out the trash from the rooms all by herself. Lucas helps unload the silverware or clears off the table after dinner. It just depends on my need that day, and getting the kids used to helping out around the house.

The “Happy” spot is basically a reminder to not fight, not to have a tantrum, and do what mom and dad say.

Looking at these today makes me realize it’s time to change a few of the things the kids are doing now. Like Lucas isn’t having any potty training issues like when we made this back in September, so I don’t need to track that anymore.

Our System:

If you get a WHOLE day of pins, you get a pink or blue pin.

Once you get 3 pink or blue pins you get a Disney Pin.

We are getting LOTS of Disney Pins, and we are getting really excited to take them to Disneyland and trade!

IMG_0672.JPG Luke’s Lanyard and pins.


Mirah’s Lanyard and her pins. IMG_0677.JPG Our pool of pins!


When you get 5 Disney Pins, you get to pin them on the lanyard, and you earn a BIG reward.

Rewards have been toys or outings or whatever. If the kids really want something, I can say, “You want that? You can try and earn it?” Then I will buy it, and keep it around as a motivator and…it really helps.


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