Sea Quest!

After a 50 minute drive we arrived at a mall in Layton Utah. I had found a Groupon for the place there called Sea Quest.

We had a hard time finding it, but once we did, it was pretty impressive.

We even pet a snake while we waited!

IMG_0692.JPG IMG_0694.JPG

Once we were in, we entered the first area…where there were all these little alligators! They were so cute. The were sort of standing with their heads out of the water.

IMG_0698.JPG IMG_0697.JPG
IMG_0695.JPG IMG_0696.JPG
IMG_0701.JPG IMG_0702.JPG

There was an iguana room, where I learned that Karl used to have one…I never knew that.

IMG_0704.JPG IMG_0703.JPG IMG_0705.JPG

There was a big Wolf Eel, see the one on the left.  And they had sea anemones, you could touch on the right. When you touch them they stick to you. Its so weird and funny and scared me every time.

IMG_0706.JPG IMG_0708.JPG
IMG_0711.JPG IMG_0712.JPG

Then there were these nutso sticky salamanders!

IMG_0714.JPG IMG_0715.JPG

Crazy shark eggs that you could see through. It was in the black light room.

IMG_0716.JPG IMG_0719.JPG

Then these things, that were so ancient looking.



In the Pirate room we checked out the Lion Fish and the hermit crab.

IMG_0721.JPG IMG_0722.JPG
IMG_0723.JPG IMG_0724.JPG

We checked out the giant Tortoise they had there. It was unfortunately sleeping.

We got a ride on the fake one…

IMG_0725.JPG IMG_0728.JPG
IMG_0729.JPG IMG_0730.JPG

There were lots of other cool reptiles that we couldn’t touch. But were cool to see!

IMG_0726.JPG IMG_0727.JPG

We went into the bird cages and they were nuts. We were trying to get them to land on our hands. No luck in the first area. But when we got in with the bigger birds they climbed all over us! The kids were so nervous. Karl was so happy.

IMG_0734.JPG IMG_0732.JPG
IMG_0735.JPG IMG_0731.JPG
IMG_0736.JPG IMG_0738.JPG

Family in the bird cage!


We made our way to the sting rays and it was SOOO cool!

IMG_0748.JPG IMG_0745.JPG
IMG_0749.JPG IMG_0747.JPG

The Sting Rays came right up to the edge of the pool, they were so cute. They seemed to have little faces!

None of my pictures seemed to get what was happening, so check out the video of Karl feeding them:


Next we met the Atlantis Mermaid!

IMG_0752.JPG IMG_0754.JPG

After a picture and meeting she gave them a shell, that she made wishing shells. They each picked a specail shell. The the rubbed it, blew on it, then she sang a spell onto them. Then she told them to hold them and think about their wishes…

IMG_0758.JPG IMG_0760.JPG
IMG_0762.JPG IMG_0764.JPG
IMG_0766.JPG IMG_0767.JPG

So freaking cute.

For a token we could get a face paint of a mermaid.

IMG_0768.JPG IMG_0769.JPG
IMG_0771.JPG IMG_0781.JPG

Next there was a bird show…not great, but Hogel Zoo spoiled me!

IMG_0777.JPG IMG_0778.JPG

Then we got in the observation area under the sting ray pool.

IMG_0788.JPG IMG_0783.JPG
IMG_0785.JPG IMG_0787.JPG


IMG_0790.JPG IMG_0792.JPG
IMG_0793.JPG IMG_0794.JPG


IMG_0795.JPG IMG_0796.JPG

We got our skin nibbled on by some little fish, then we entered the shark area!


IMG_0813.JPG IMG_0812.JPG

Then we got to pet a shark!

IMG_0798.JPG IMG_0800.JPG IMG_0801.JPG

Speaking of a shark:

IMG_0811.JPG IMG_0810.JPG
IMG_0806.JPG IMG_0809.JPG

And even though our BRAND NEW wagon was broken by the time we left, the whole thing was a blast!

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