Qualtrics Summer Party

So, I am going to start in the middle when:
THIS happened. 
Yes, while at the Qualtrics Summer Party, Karl got his front tooth knocked out by an *$#@ coworker. Yes, I totally blame him, I saw him hit Karl in the face.
So, tonight was the annual summer party at Karl’s work. We have been to many different kinds of bashes over the years. They did a Stadium of Fire summer party one year. 2 years they did a 7 peaks day. This year was a carnival themed bash out on the lawn next to the office.  
All of the posters graphically were in the theme shown below:
I love Qualtrics for always bringing in my favorite shave ice place in for unlimited free shave ice! 
Hokulia Shave Ice!!!
It was of course our first stop of the evening. 

There was cotton candy too!
So we sat down and had our shave ice and considered what to have for dinner. 
You see, the food for the evening was what the cool kids call a food truck round up. 
Qualtrics gave each employee a certain number of coupons, each worth a dollar, and you used them to pay. You could also pay with cash is you wanted more. It was pretty cool and there was a good showing of different kinds of foods. 
I got a gourmet grilled cheese from The Mouse Trap. 
The Menu:
OH MAN. If you want to go to pesto tomato grilled heaven… this is the sando for you!
Karl and Mirah kept it real with some amazing corn dogs from Corn Dog Commando
Karl got a foot long hotdog with ketchup and honey on their amazing corn bread. 
Mirah got a half, with just honey and mustard to dip. 

 She actually finished it if you can believe it! We had to tell her the corn bread was a cookie. 
After we ate we were off for some toddler fair fun!
We of course started with face painting. 
Mirah seriously loved it. 
She did such a good job sitting still and letting her put butterfly make up on her face. 

 I was worried that she would have a Krystin reaction (When Krystin had her face painted as a little girl, then saw herself she FREAKED out. In her defense she was painted as a horrifying bunny with teeth.) Mirah however couldn’t stop looking at herself. 


 Then to the petting zoo.
Seriously HUGE bunny.
Then to get a balloon animal.  
An orange butterfly bracelet. 
We were having such a blast I almost miss Karl getting called up to do the Jousting activity. He had to sign up to get is name in a raffle, and then if he was picked, he could play. He was SO excited about it. He read up on strategy and got tons of coaching from friends who didn’t make it in. 
There were 3 bouts before he got his turn. 
He was ready to go!
It was looking really great for him until his opponent hit him in the face. 
Karl said that he felt his tooth break immediately as the bar hit him in the face. He grabbed his mouth and got out of the arena. He went and saw the paramedic. He assed Karl and from what I understand, (I didn’t hear the conversation) he told him that it wasn’t an emergency and that he would need to go and see a dentist. While Karl was with the paramedic, myself and several other Qualtrics employees attempted to find the list tooth bit. Non knowing how bad it was, I wasn’t sure what to do. I handed Mirah to a friend from our old ward, Jessie Plumb, and went searching all over the grass, the Jousting thing, and around trying to find it. Jessie finally said that the dentist wouldn’t re-attach it at this point so we gave up.

We talked to an HR rep at the party and she said that the game company and Qualtrics are covered so he should be totally covered. We sat down and took it all in. SUCH a major bummer. Initially, the hit didn’t hurt so bad. But as the evening went on, and the adrenalin wore off, Karl started to feel it. With some encouragement Karl agreed to pose for these pictures. 

By this one he said that it was starting to hurt him.
 We almost left, but he wanted to enjoy a little more of the party. We still had tickets for food and Mirah wanted to stay and play. So we took her on some of the blow up stuff. 

Nothing like a little two year old girl to lift one’s spirit. 
 She went on the bouncy house and we took some family pictures with a photographer who was there. He took some shots of Karl’s tooth. I will post those pics when we get access to them.
8/7/2014 Here are the Pics!

I can really see on Karl’s face here that he was starting to feel it. 
So we went around and used the rest of our tickets. 

Art City Donuts:

The Commander
Deep-fried Snickers Bar from Corn Dog Commander
 and mozzarella sticks from them too. 

Mirah was getting the Zombie eyes too.
She was getting ready for a sugar coma. 
 The worst part of this was that his tooth was hurting him so much that he didn’t get to eat any of these lovely desserts. Poor Karl. His birthday is on Saturday. We were going to go mountain biking, but I guess that is out too. Ugh, we will see what the Law department says tomorrow morning about getting him into a dentist. Hopefully that will go well.
So when we got home, got Mirah bathed and in bed, we did some research. 
The internet said to get some paraffin wax, and cover the tooth. This helped a lot since the nerve was so exposed Karl couldn’t really even breath through his mouth with out it hurting. 
The result. 
Poor Karl. We did have a fun time, but it was overshadowed by the unfortunate events that happened on Karl’s beautiful face. Prayers of encouragement for us tonight. I am worried that he won’t be able to sleep at all tonight. We will keep you posted on how it turns out.
Hoping for the best.

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