Lucas Today-Tumbling & Doggies

Oh man I love this kid so much. he is so cute. He loves to be so busy! All he wants to do is run and play and laugh all day long.

 Thankfully we have tumbling tots.

A chance for structured running, playing, and crazy time!

IMG_0953.JPG IMG_0954.JPG

Watch him in action!

Every class, there is a special time at the end, and Lucas LOVES it! Parachute time!



Every time Lucas watches for the blue ball, once it falls off the parachute, he runs to get it.


Then after they grab the parachute, he runs and grabs the box, and plays with the two together. Usually putting himself and the ball underneath.

IMG_0959.JPG IMG_0960.JPG

We have also been doing Puppy time with Lucas and Bruce during Singer’s company.

IMG_0962.JPG IMG_0963.JPG IMG_0964.JPG

It is teaching Lucas and Bruce to coexist. Lucas not to freak out about doggies, and Bruce not to attack Lucas when he sees him.

It has been rough beginings but after a few weeks, it seems to be working!

IMG_0965.JPG IMG_0966.JPG

Also Karen is teaching Lucas about opening utility knives.


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