Sloan’s Blessing

We had a nice Private family blessing for little Sloaner today. It was really cool.
The blessing was lovely, and little Sloan was just so cute. 
Here are Cameron, Sloan and their Bishop, whose name I didn’t catch. 
Cute man.
Cute family. 
Kelly and her mom. 

Then Grandparents Pipkin. 

Mirah and Maryn hung out in her room. 

We hung out together as a family for a little while.

Mirah and sloan started getting really buddy buddy. 

Then the hugs started to hurt. 

Still lots of smiles. 

Maryn and Mirah reading together. 
Cam and Kelly left, and we had dinner together.
We sadly said goodbye. Brandon leaves in the morning. Mom and Dad on Tuesday. And life goes on. It makes me so sad. 

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