President’s Day at the Leo

Monday off of school and work?? We were excited to get up to some trouble. And our first stop of Forced Family Fun, Litzas Pizza!


IMG_1137.JPG IMG_1138.JPG
IMG_1139.JPG IMG_1143.JPG
IMG_1144.JPG IMG_1145.JPG
IMG_1140.JPG IMG_1141.JPG
IMG_1142.JPG IMG_1146.JPG

We had salad and Pizza and bread with the Reddochs.



IMG_1147.JPG IMG_1149.JPG
IMG_1150.JPG IMG_1151.JPG
IMG_1152.JPG IMG_1153.JPG
IMG_1148.JPG IMG_1154.JPG

We had never been to the Leo before. And the Reddoch’s had an annual pass.

IMG_1160.JPG IMG_1161.JPG

Judah and Asher were excited to show our kids all the cool ins and outs of the place. Like the awesome flight area. With a huge fan…

IMG_1162.JPG IMG_1163.JPG

And a drawing area.

IMG_1164.JPG IMG_1165.JPG
IMG_1168.JPG IMG_1167.JPG



And puppets.

IMG_1171.JPG IMG_1172.JPG

And the lightening fast slide! That gives you amazing static hair!

IMG_1173.JPG IMG_1174.JPG

They even had a flight simulator, Karl loved to try it out.

IMG_1175.JPG IMG_1176.JPG

AND a jet pack!



And a couple of planes inside!

IMG_1180.JPG IMG_1182.JPG

That you could pretend to fly!

IMG_1177.JPG IMG_1178.JPG

Up stairs there was a the Jackie Chan exhibit, all from his personal collection with a message of recycling and conservation.

IMG_1183.JPG IMG_1186.JPG


These were both made of plastic. The green one, melted Sprite bottles.

IMG_1187.JPG IMG_1189.JPG


IMG_1188.JPG IMG_1190.JPG

Then to the builders area. We played with giant buckets of legos for an hour!



Love this boy.


This was the human body exhibit. Luke was a pro at the rowing machine.

IMG_1197.JPG IMG_1198.JPG

Mirah doing a long jump… 😉

IMG_1199.JPG IMG_1200.JPG


IMG_1201.JPG IMG_1202.JPG IMG_1203.JPG

More scientific discoveries.

Headphones that switch the sound sides, and a mirror that makes you see upside down.

IMG_1205.JPG IMG_1207.JPG


IMG_1208.JPG IMG_1209.JPG
IMG_1210.JPG IMG_1210-EFFECTS.jpg

One our way out…Green screen time!

IMG_1211.JPG IMG_1212.JPG
IMG_1213.JPG IMG_1214.JPG
IMG_1215.JPG IMG_1216.JPG
IMG_1217.JPG IMG_1218.JPG

Getting outside, still having fun!


IMG_1219.JPG IMG_1219.JPG
IMG_1221.JPG IMG_1227.JPG
IMG_1230.JPG IMG_1229.JPG



IMG_1231.JPG IMG_1234.JPG



IMG_1237.JPG IMG_1239.JPG




IMG_1240.JPG IMG_1241.JPG
IMG_1242.JPG IMG_1243.JPG
IMG_1244.JPG IMG_1245.JPG





IMG_1247.JPG IMG_1249.JPG
IMG_1250.JPG IMG_1253.JPG
IMG_1255.JPG IMG_1256.JPG
IMG_1257.JPG IMG_1258.JPG
IMG_1260.JPG IMG_1261.JPG
IMG_1262.JPG IMG_1263.JPG


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