Disneyland Day 2.0-Fantasyland!

Bright and early Tuesday morning! Ready and raring to go! We headed to Fantasyland on the Monorail.

IMG_1946.JPG IMG_1947.JPG IMG_1948.JPG

Even though it was our magical hour, the park was packed!

So we got in line at the tea cups.



IMG_1952.JPG IMG_1949.JPG


IMG_1954.JPG IMG_1953.JPG



IMG_1958.JPG IMG_1959.JPG
IMG_1961.JPG IMG_1962.JPG


IMG_1963.JPG IMG_1964.JPG

I love these people. My family is the best.


IMG_2015.JPG IMG_2017.JPG


After we got off the ride, we ran right into these lovely people.

IMG_1969.JPG IMG_1971.JPG

We got to the Sword in the Stone, and got some fun shots!

IMG_1972.JPG IMG_1973.JPG
IMG_1977.JPG IMG_1975.JPG

Here we jumped from ride to ride.

Snow White’s Scary Adventure.

IMG_1982.JPG IMG_1983.JPG IMG_1986.JPG

King Arthur’s Carousel.

IMG_1987.JPG IMG_1990.JPG
IMG_1991.JPG IMG_1992.JPG
IMG_1993.JPG  IMG_1994.JPG


IMG_1995.JPG IMG_1996.JPG IMG_1997.JPG

Next we went to Peter Pan’s Flight.


Then Storybook Land Boat Canal.

IMG_2019.JPG IMG_2025.JPG
IMG_2020.JPG IMG_2022.JPG

Into the mouth of the whale!

IMG_2026.JPG IMG_2028.JPG

Jasmine’s Castle, and the cave of wonders.

IMG_2029.JPG IMG_2030.JPG
IMG_2031.JPG IMG_2035.JPG

Cinderella’s Castle.

IMG_2037.JPG IMG_2038.JPG
IMG_2039.JPG IMG_2041.JPG

Elsa and Anna’s castle in Arendelle.

IMG_2042.JPG IMG_2052.JPG
IMG_2048.JPG IMG_2050.JPG

Ariel’s Castle.

IMG_2054.JPG IMG_2055.JPG

After that ride, we went to Casey Jr.’s Train.

IMG_2058.JPG IMG_2059.JPG
IMG_2061.JPG IMG_2063.JPG
IMG_2067.JPG IMG_2067.JPG

We learned about the time, while at their high school’s grad night at disneyland, they stayed on this very train, and made out all night. They road the train over, and over again.

A reenactment.

IMG_2071.JPG IMG_2072.JPG
IMG_2073.JPG IMG_2074.JPG

Jim remembers it being in the Monkey Cage, where we were all sitting.

IMG_2075.JPG IMG_2076.JPG

Lynnelle remembered being in this seat.

IMG_2077.JPG IMG_2078.JPG
IMG_2079.JPG IMG_2080.JPG
IMG_2081.JPG IMG_2083.JPG
IMG_2082.JPG IMG_2086.JPG
IMG_2088.JPG IMG_2091.JPG
IMG_2093.JPG IMG_2095.JPG


IMG_2097.JPG IMG_2099.JPG
IMG_2102.JPG IMG_2103.JPG


IMG_2104.JPG IMG_2105.JPG
IMG_2106.JPG IMG_2106-EFFECTS.jpg

After this, we were back in line…

IMG_2109.JPG IMG_2111.JPG

Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

IMG_2002.JPG IMG_2005.JPG
IMG_2007.JPG IMG_2008.JPG
IMG_2009.JPG IMG_2013.JPG


IMG_2112.JPG IMG_2113.JPG


IMG_2114.JPG IMG_2115.JPG
IMG_2116.JPG IMG_2117.JPG


IMG_2118.JPG IMG_2119.JPG
IMG_2123.JPG IMG_2122.JPG

Next the Matterhorn.

IMG_2125.JPG IMG_2127.JPG
IMG_2126.JPG IMG_2128.JPG

Then Toon Town!

IMG_2129.JPG IMG_2132.JPG IMG_2134.JPG

We saw Minnie’s house.

IMG_2135.JPG IMG_2137.JPG IMG_2138.JPG

And visited Mickey’s place.

IMG_2139.JPG IMG_2140.JPG IMG_2141.JPG

And drove Mickey’s Car.

IMG_2142.JPG IMG_2143.JPG
IMG_2144.JPG IMG_2145.JPG
IMG_2146.JPG IMG_2147.JPG
IMG_2148.JPG IMG_2149.JPG
IMG_2150.JPG IMG_2151.JPG
IMG_2152.JPG IMG_2153.JPG
IMG_2154.JPG IMG_2156.JPG

We then jump on It’s a Small World.

IMG_2158.JPG IMG_2159.JPG
IMG_2160.JPG IMG_2161.JPG
IMG_2162.JPG IMG_2163.JPG


IMG_2166.JPG IMG_2169.JPG


IMG_2171.JPG IMG_2172.JPG


IMG_2174.JPG IMG_2175.JPG
IMG_2176.JPG IMG_2177.JPG
IMG_2178.JPG IMG_2179.JPG
IMG_2180.JPG IMG_2181.JPG


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