Blade HQ Open House

After all we had done this weekend, you think things would be setting down. But not so! Zac’s company, Blade HQ was having an open house at their new location, and we were stoked to check it out.


After signing in, we headed over to Zac’s area, and saw this baby on the wall!


And the patch wall!

IMG_5946.JPG IMG_5987.JPG

We sat around looking and talking.

IMG_5944.JPG IMG_5945.JPG

Bruce was with us!

IMG_5947.JPG IMG_5948.JPG


IMG_5950.JPG IMG_5952.JPG IMG_5953.JPG


Zac even let us check out the place that they record. I tried an intro.


IMG_5955.JPG IMG_5956.JPG

Zac and Ben see this while they record. And the warehouse!

IMG_5958.JPG IMG_5959.JPG
IMG_5960.JPG IMG_5961.JPG

Next stop we went to the knife building station.

IMG_5962.JPG IMG_5962.JPG
IMG_5963.JPG IMG_5966.JPG
IMG_5968.JPG IMG_5969.JPG

Lucas was insanely stoked about his new knife. I can’t believe how freaking big he is getting. IMG_2716-COLLAGE.jpg

I submitted a bar of soap:

IMG_5964.JPG IMG_5965.JPG

I didn’t win, but I got posted on their Instagram, so I kind of won.

Karl and Mirah made her a knife too.

IMG_5971.JPG IMG_5972.JPG

Speaking of knives, here are some of my favoirte knives I saw that day. There were vendors around the parking lot, and there was lots to win and see.

IMG_5973.JPG IMG_5974.JPG

Once we were hungry, we had hot dogs for a late lunch.

IMG_5976.JPG IMG_5977.JPG IMG_5978.JPG

Then there was a drawing where I won a knife! Also, Zac and Ben got dunked.


My new knives next to my other knives…haha. The little Spider Co bug knife was seriously amazing.

IMG_5995.JPG IMG_5996.JPG IMG_5997.JPG

A super awesome event. We had a great time.

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