Garden Update: Watermelon

Well, I have an assignment for the Primary appreciation dinner, I am supposed to bring watermelon. So, it was time to finish my harvest. And I didn’t have to do it all alone.

IMG_6710.JPG IMG_6711.JPG

There was the first one. HUGE buddy, and having already eaten it, it was delicious.

IMG_6712.JPG IMG_6713.JPG IMG_6714.JPG

The kids found another one. Tiny.

IMG_6716.JPG IMG_6717.JPG

There is another one hiding. And another.

IMG_6718.JPG IMG_6719.JPG IMG_6720.JPG

Oh, and one more there.

IMG_6722.JPG IMG_6723.JPG IMG_6724.JPG

These she is.

IMG_6725.JPG IMG_6727.JPG

There were 6 eatable melons and and one tiny one.




IMG_6729.JPG IMG_6730.JPG
IMG_6732.JPG IMG_6731.JPG


IMG_6743.JPG IMG_6734.JPG

The party was down the street, to so we were dragging them down there.

IMG_6735.JPG IMG_6736.JPG


IMG_6739.JPG IMG_6738.JPG
IMG_6740.JPG IMG_6741.JPG


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