Fall Conference Weekend, Selling the Car

We had our new car, and Karl was trying to get the most he could out of our little Honda. I was ready to just donate it for something, or just take 200 buck from the Pick a Part.

Karl posted it on KSL, for what seemed like too high of a price. The someone chatted Karl, he wasted to know if we could do a trade. A 4 month old Imac, for the car…we were very interested.

It was conference weekend, so we were home all weekend.

The man and his brother, and his brother’s kids came over to check out the car.

IMG_6873.JPG IMG_6874.JPG

He gave Karl the computer to test out and look over…

IMG_6876.JPG IMG_6875.JPG
IMG_6878.JPG IMG_6879.JPG

We made the trade. 🙂

IMG_6889.JPG IMG_6888.JPG

Fare thee well Hondie. You have been a loyal and wonderful car for more than a decade.

IMG_6890.JPG IMG_6891.JPG

We set up the new computer where the old one used to be…


And spent the rest of the day  right here.



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