Ribbon Week-Walking to School

I love Ribbon week. It used to be about saying no to drugs. BUT now, its all about safety. Each day is a different kind of Safety. Each day conncected to a different type of safety:

Tuesday: Wear Read, Be Drug Free Day

Wednesday: Wear Green, Pedestrian Safety Day

Thursday: Wear White, Internet Safety Day

Friday: Wear Purple, Anti Violence Day


It was Tuesday, Pedestrian Safety Day. As a part of that day, they did walk to school with Claw the Cougar and Mr. Campbell.


It was pretty school. They practiced using cross walks, and walked together as a group.

IMG_7838.JPG IMG_7839.JPG

There is Mirah in the green!

IMG_7844.JPG IMG_7848.JPG

Claw and Mr. Campbell.


They had a bike Rodeo that night too, we missed it.

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