The morning of Lucas’s tonsillectomy was cold but beautiful. We had to be at the hospital at 6:00 AM. My friend Sydney came over and got Mirah to school. Wow, that was a really cool thing for her to do.


We got loaded into the car.

IMG_8332.JPG IMG_8333.JPG

Then quickly checked in.

IMG_8335.JPG IMG_8336.JPG
IMG_8338.JPG IMG_8339.JPG

Tell us about it Lucas.

Reception was sweet and gave us some stickers.

IMG_8343.JPG IMG_8344.JPG
IMG_8345.JPG IMG_8346.JPG
IMG_8347.JPG IMG_8348.JPG

Weighing in.

IMG_8349.JPG IMG_8350.JPG IMG_8351.JPG
IMG_8352.JPG IMG_8353.JPG IMG_8354.JPG

They gave Lucas another tiny tiger and a little Fire Truck blanket.

IMG_8355.JPG IMG_8356.JPG

Changed out of his PJs and into his hospital gown.


IMG_8357.JPG IMG_8358.JPG
IMG_8360.JPG IMG_8361.JPG


IMG_8362.JPG IMG_8363.JPG
IMG_8364.JPG IMG_8365.JPG

Our sweet nurse George. He was really sweet and great with Lucas.

IMG_8366.JPG IMG_8367.JPG IMG_8368.JPG
IMG_8369.JPG IMG_8370.JPG IMG_8371.JPG

Lucas’s room board.


We were set and ready, and then the waiting began. I got into bed with Lucas, and snuggled him. I just love him so much. I couldn’t help but worry about him.

IMG_8373.JPG IMG_8374.JPG IMG_8375.JPG

It wasn’t that long later when they took him back to surgery.

IMG_8377.JPG IMG_8378.JPG

We waited about 45 minutes. Karl went and grabbed us some breakfast, and I waited. Then, they brought a super PISSED off Lucas into us.

He went from asleep to roided out rage back and forth and I will admit it was pretty scary.

IMG_8379.JPG IMG_8383.JPG
IMG_8382.JPG IMG_8384.JPG

It was weird, he was so strong, and so freaked out, it was really, visceral.

IMG_8385.JPG IMG_8386.JPG
IMG_8388.JPG IMG_8389.JPG

At this point he wasn’t calming down, and the hospital people wanted his bed. So they said to take him home, that usually calmed them down. SO we brought an angry child home.

IMG_8390.JPG IMG_8392.JPG IMG_8394.JPG

His complaint was that his mouth hurt, which was understandable.

Home again with his tablet, he seemed happier.

IMG_8395.JPG IMG_8396.JPG

By lunch time he was hungry, which was a good sign. We had bread and eggs. Yummy.


Lots of napping.

IMG_8398.JPG IMG_8399.JPG

The end of the day message:

As rough as it was, that first day there was a great bounce back. It was NOTHING to what was to come.

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