Lucas Lately

Oh my sweet sweet Lucas. I am just totally obsessed with him. THEN, google sent me this little video, and I can’t even I love this freaking kid. These are clips from videos with him in them over the past year.

He is so three.

Sometimes when you’re three, you spend time on the floor. Sometimes you are happy, and sometimes when you are not.

IMG_8449.JPG IMG_8450.JPG

Sometimes when you are three, you find a headband left by a friend, and wear it and pretend you are a super hero.

IMG_7864.JPG IMG_7865.JPG IMG_7866.JPG

Oh my gosh Google you are killing me.


Sometimes when you are three, you love to dress up on Sunday. You love to wear ties like dad, and always insist on a sweater.

IMG_8204.JPG IMG_8205.JPG
IMG_8206.JPG IMG_8207.JPG

Sometimes when you are three, your preschool class assigns “you” to make a turkey in disguise, and after being talked down from a CAR, you pick your most favorite super hero, Batman.

IMG_8210.JPG IMG_8211.JPG IMG_8212.JPG

Sometimes when you are three, you are hungry ALL of the time, and are obviously growing all the time. Still Lucas is an extra awesome three year old, who LOVES to eat his veggies.

IMG_8217.JPG IMG_8218.JPG
IMG_8219.JPG IMG_8220.JPG

Sometimes when you are three, things are so simple and amazing and fun. Like when you rip a hole in a hash brown bag and decide that it is now a robot arm. Then began talking like a robot. Love this boy.

IMG_8256.JPG IMG_8257.JPG
IMG_8258.JPG IMG_8259.JPG
IMG_8260.JPG IMG_8261.JPG

Sometimes when you are three, you play with little kids who still bit HARD at the play ground. This was through a long sleeved shirt!


Sometimes when you are three, you grow so fast, that your bath robe is suddenly a short robe, and mom and dad think its so funny and cute they don’t replace it. It gets really short if he puts the hood on…oops.

IMG_8326.JPG IMG_8327.JPG
IMG_8328.JPG IMG_8330.JPG

He does now have a new robe, and I had to get ALL new pants this month too. He is in 4T pants. He is so tall!

Such a wonderful kid.

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